Our Work

What We Do

With more than 60 years of combined experience serving clients in dispute resolution and in the particular area of the insurance and reinsurance industry, we at WhiteFern have an intimate understanding of how insurers and reinsurers operate, as well as the issues and challenges you face, with capabilities in both contentious and non-contentious insurance matters.

Our approach to client service is underpinned by 4 distinct qualities: Trust, Reliability, Speed and Care, qualities which we believe insurers and reinsurers also exhibit when dealing with your insureds. 


Sleep soundly at night with the knowledge that we have got your back. What we do goes beyond providing a service. We are your advocates and solicitors - your trusted advisors.


As a leading insurance law practice that acts for 80% of insurance companies in Singapore, be assured that we are a safe pair of hands. Our advice will be sound, practicable and make business sense, with no flip-flopping with regard to our legal positions. We are the firm you can count on.


We are structured the way we are to serve you best in an environment that is time sensitive. Quick on our feet and proactive, we are a closely-knit team of experienced litigators that know your industry and business. Swift and precise, we lead from the front - we don't play catch up. 


Protecting your interests is our top priority, and we will do so voraciously and resolutely. We do not avoid the difficult conversations because we care. We do not believe in taking the path of least resistance - we believe in doing right by our clients.